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An AutoML Library made with Optuna and PyTorch Lightning

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pip install -U gradsflow

From source

pip install git+


What is Gradsflow?

Gradsflow is based on Optuna and PyTorch Lightning ⚡️. It leverages PyTorch Lightning Flash so that you don't have to write any PyTorch or Optuna code for model building or hyperparameter tuning 🚀

Although you might want to train a custom model and search hyperparameters, You can easily integrate any PyTorch/Lightning Flash Model with Gradsflow AutoModel

  • gradsflow.core: Core defines the building blocks of AutoML tasks.

  • gradsflow.taskauto: AutoTasks defines different ML/DL tasks which is provided by Gradsflow AutoML API.

📑 Check out notebooks examples.

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Gradsflow is built with help of Optuna and PyTorch Lightning 💜

Last update: August 26, 2021